I had the most wonderful time working alongside a bunch of incredibly talented people helping design, develop and animate a short directed by Jenny Mascia. Below are some behind the scenes, early concept art and animations I worked on -
Directed by Jenny Mascia
Produced by Fivel Rothberg / In the Salty Sea LLC
Co-Producer Jenny Mascia
2D Animation: Elena Galofaro Bansh, Magda Guidi,
Jenny Mascia, Alessandra Romagnoli, Michelle Brand, Cecilia Corzo
3D Animation: Danica Tan, Linyou Xie
Art Direction: Jenny Mascia
Design Lead: Michelle Brand, Elena Galofaro Bansh,
Danica Tan, Linyou Xie
Performers: Laura Guzman, Mathia Vargas
Written by Jenny Mascia
Co-Written Fivel Rothberg, JJ Russo
Dialogue Co Written By Frances Gonzalez, Kelsey Rauber
Sound Recording: Spaceman Sound / Tom Tierney
Sound Designer: Jesse Peterson
Sound Services: Kid Dropper Sound
Post: Mariangela Malvaso
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