As the night comes, the journey begins.
Running, rushing, racing.
Unbound from time and swept away by the
night’s surreal ballet of lights, we leave day-life behind.


Guarimba Animation Festival 2024
Anifilm 2024
Fest Anca 2024
Dresden International Filmfestival 2024
Monstra Animation Festival 2024
ANIMA 2024
Tuku ANimated Film Festival 2024
Palm SPrings Animation Festival 2024
We Like 'Em Short 2024
Anibar 2024
Athens Animfest 2024
International Animation Festival GOlden Kuker Sofia 2024
Open World Animation Festival 2024
Cardiff Animation Festival 2024
Imaginaria 2024
Manchester Animation Festival 2023
DOK Leipzig 2023
Paris International Animation Festival 2024
Festival of Animation Berlin 2023
Cardiff Animation Nights 2023

International Animation Festival Peru - Ajayu 2023
Rex Animation Festival 2023
CutOut Fest International Animation & Digital Art Festival 2023
Feinaki Beijing Animation Week 2023
Anilogue International Animation Festival 2023
Short to the Point 2023
Animakom 2023

Jury Award Best Music Video - Anifilm 2024
Jury Award Best Music Video - Paris International Animation Festival 2024
Best Experimental - Short to the Point 2023
Best Music Video - Animakom 2023

A film by KINEMUS
Director: Michelle Brand
3D Animation: Toby Auberg
2D Animation: Michelle Brand
Camille Gibut
Lisa Cruz

Music: Arthur Vonfelt

Production: STINK, Paris
Producer: Célestine Gonzalez
Line Producer: Clémentine Tatin
Production Assistant: Abigail Wright

Armand Nunez
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