It was a huge pleasure and a little dream come true to work together with the wonderful Irina Rubina and animate some abstract characters, shapes, lines and circles for her beautiful music video of the amazing Miles Davis.

The chorus is animated by me, inspired by a painting created by Miles Davis, as well as parts of the transitions in and out of the chorus.

Directed and produced by Irina Rubina
Design: Irina Rubina, inspired by original paintings by Miles Davis
Animation: Michelle Brand, Lewis Heriz, Veronica Solomon,
Anita Gill, Luca Tóth, Irina Rubina
Clean-up, Coloring & In-betweens: Iris Maier
Script & Editing: Irina Rubina
Compositing: Toby Auberg, Irina Rubina

Song credits:
Miles Davis: Trumpet
Bob Berg: Soprano Saxophone
John Scofield: Guitar
Robert Irving lll: Keyboards
Darryl Jones: Electric Bass
Al Foster: Drums
Steve Thornton: Percussion

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