The hanging animated installation presents an explosive interplay of both physical and digital abstract shapes, lights, and shadows. Playing with real and skewed perspectives, moving and still figures, real and virtual shadows, the installation is an ever-changing optical illusion, which hangs above, slightly tilted towards, the viewer, adding to its enjoyable sense of dislocation, vertigo and confusion.

The installation (roughly 3.9m high, 3.5m long) consists of a rear projection of abstract, playful shapes in a game of moving lights and shadows, looping onto a deconstructed screen, which is intermingled by additional physical abstract shapes: These physical shapes interact and connect with the projected digital ones, where physical windows present digital rooms that continuously grow and move, or where digital shadows seem to be real shadows of physical figures. With additional lights in front of the installation, casting real shadows from the physical shapes onto the digital screen, the physical and digital world merge and confuse the viewer with ever-moving perspectives, where the material and virtual become undistinguishable, together creating a bewildering and hypnotising composition obscured in a haze of abstraction.

The installation was built together with the help of Tinka, a light technician and engineering artist, at KAOS, an art community space in Berlin, where it played for the first time during an exhibition/festival in May 2023.
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