2D Digital Animation, University for the Creative Arts, 2016
Thoughts are often linked with motion. The original idea of the animation was to give such thoughts visual movement, underlining the idea of how thoughts lead to each other, at the same time recognising that each single thought is only momentary and passes quickly away.

The imagery combined with the train journey gives a feeling of how time is in constant motion, changing things around us. People come, people go, thoughts come, thoughts go, scenes are there for ‘the moment’, and then move on. The moment never stays, time never stands still. The purpose of the film is to connect this process of thoughts with the audience and take them on a journey that in fact every person shares.
The animation’s origin is from a small sketchbook I have kept with me since 2014, and in which I keep momentary thoughts, or observations. I didn’t want the film though to just be an animated version of this sketchbook, as that seemed pointless, but rather a projection of the mind in general.
Deciding on the order of the scenes was an interesting, but difficult process. It was important to reflect on the viewer’s possible interpretation and find a connecting thread between thoughts and images, giving the overall piece a sense of completeness and logic.
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